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Life in School is a musical. Life in School Started with the episode, New Boy. In New Boy, a boy named Jamien Millington (Jamien Shawn "James" Millington) arrrives at school in entering the 6th Grade. He meets Benjamin Roxy (Benjamin "Benji" Colvist Roxy), Ariane Bazinna (Ariane Daniella "Anne" Bazinna de Rus), and Christine Rey (Christine Ella "Lili" Rey), on his 4th Week at School, he meets Aldrin Chervy (Aldrin David Chervy III). In the episode, Expelled from School, the 5 almost got expelled, but thanks to the other students: Derrick OliverDaniella AlvrickerKimberly ReyVincent Millington, David Millington, Eriana Yi and Alvin Chambers. The 5 didn't got expelled. In the 3rd Season, Jamien doesn't comeback because he moves to China for a year. When Jamien was gone, a new girl named Sophie Teelan comes to Fairos de Pariz University as a new student, a new rival for Daniella, Ariane and Eriana, and a new singer, she is very gothic.



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♦ Featured Song ♦

Ruin it All ♦ by Jamien-Marie-Aldrin-Alex



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