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This is the Full List of Characters:

Original Fairos de Pariz University SingersEdit

These are the main characters in the show, or as we call it, Original FPU Singers.

Jamien MillingtonEdit

Main Article: Jamien Millington

Jamien is the main protagonist of the show. Jamien's first appearance is in New Boyhe is the new boy that arrived in FPU as Sixth Grade, he meets Benjamin, Ariane, Christine and Aldrin in his first months. Aldrin became his bestfriend in the 2nd Week of the Second Month that Jamien's been there. In Jamien's third day, he's been invited to a group called CobrockZ, which he denies, Benjamin thought that Jamien was a good singer, he actually is but lied that he hates Music. In the episode, His Songs, Jamien saw a piano in the Cobrocks Center, he plays the piano, he doesn't know Benjamin saw him singing and playing the piano, he sings his own written song, Copy and Paste, Benjamin claps. Jamien gets out of the room ashamed. Benjamin begged Jamien to be in their group, and told him if he wants to be the leader of the group then he can be the leader. When they graduated, Jamien agreed to be the leader of the group. In the Second Season, he and Ariane becomes more closer, Jamien asked her out to a date in Jamien's house garden. In this Season, it was revealed that Jamien owns a laboratory, a huge one. In the third season, Jamien doesn't appear but Sophie takes his place. In Season 4, he finally comes back, but was shocked when he knew that Aldrin and Ariane are dating, and it forced him to date Eriana and a new student named Brad became his bestfriend. In the fifth season, a girl named Alex becomes his new girlfriend but broke up when Jamien saw Benjamin and Alex kiss.